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Monday, April 28, 2014

If April showers bring May flowers, we will be in for some beautiful scenery at Terrain this summer! Here are some spring maintenance tips:

1) Check your gutters. Did snowstorms knock anything loose? Is there any debris that needs to be cleaned out for proper drainage of April's showers? Be careful and practice smart ladder safety!

2) Ready the air conditioner. Change the air filter and clean the outside of the unit. If you're unfamiliar with the cooling system, contact a professional to check the drain pans, clean the unit, and ensure premium performance.

3) Hose down outdoor furniture. Whether you stored furniture indoors or left it outside, it's time to give patio sets a good hose rinse, or wash with a mild detergent.

4) Give the yard some love. Start with a good raking to remove any branches or leaves that were missed in the fall. Check your sprinkler system and make sure everything is in working order. Later in the month, you can prepare garden beds; this should only be done once the ground is completely thawed.

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