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Home Building Tips for a Rewarding and Stress-Free Experience

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Home Building Tips for a Rewarding and Stress-Free Experience


You’re building a new home—congrats! To ensure this process remains exciting and fulfilling, don’t overlook the most important step: planning. Having a plan will save you time and money and put you on the right track to owning your dream home.

The Internet is buzzing with ideas to make building your dream home a successful venture. Here are six home building tips to get you started:

  1. Know what to expect. Don’t go blindly into the process. Check out some online resources to get a clear idea of what’s ahead of you. Preparation is key to warding off unnecessary stress.
  2. Ask questions. Is there an HOA? How might this determine the exterior of the home, including paint color and landscaping? Check out Terrain’s FAQ page for answers to these questions and many more.
  3. Make lists. Start a few lists, such as “Must Have,” “Nice to Have,” and “Dream.” Peek around Pinterest (it’s free and inspiring) to get visual ideas.
  4. Create a realistic budget. Do some research to scope out prices. Prioritize both needs and wants to ensure you maximize your budget. Always err on the conservative side—padding the budget by at least 10 percent is a safe start.
  5. Read the fine print. You’ve chosen your ideal floor plan, but what is included in the base price? Do you need to purchase your own appliances, or are they included? Is that plush carpet you felt underfoot in the model home standard or does it cost extra?
  6. Stay organized. Establish a binder for all things new home. Timelines, price lists, paint chips, upholstery swatches, contracts, you name it—if it has to do with your new home, put it in the binder. You’ll thank yourself later.

Terrain Castle Rock is a planned community of new homes ranging from the $300s - $600s. Check out the variety of floor plans available from four reputable and award-winning builders. Better yet, come visit! Model homes are open daily.