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Mowing Tips

Thursday, June 04, 2015
Mowing Tips

All the recent moisture is helping to create lush, fast-growing lawns. Keep your lawn happy and healthy by mowing at the correct height and frequency.

Adjust your mower to keep your lawn at a height of 2.5-3 inches. Keeping your lawn shorter than this can result in decreased drought and heat tolerance (due to shallow rooting and reduced photosynthesis) and encouraged weed invasion. If you keep your lawn higher than 2.5-3 inches, you may be encouraging insects, diseases, and weeds. Mow the lawn at the same height all year. There is no reason to mow the turf shorter in late summer or in the fall.

Mow the turf often enough that no more than one-third of the grass is removed at any single mowing. This may mean mowing every three to four days during the active spring growth period, but only once every 7-10 days at other times of the year when the growth is slowed by heat, drought, or cold.

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