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September Lawn and Yard Tips

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
September Lawn and Yard Tips

Each homeowner is responsible for maintaining their lawn and landscape in a well-groomed and attractive healthy condition at all times. Stacie Sneider, from MSI HOA has passed along these tips for taking care of your yard this month and beginning to prepare the landscape for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Aerating - Aerating is one of the most important and beneficial maintenance tasks for a healthy lawn. When soil is compacted, your lawn can thin and eventually the root system may die. Aerating will break up the soil, making it easier for the root network to spread. Aerating also allows water and nutrients to reach the roots. Use a deep plug aerator for the best results. The best time to aerate lawns in the autumn is before the first frost. 

Seeding - If your lawn is thin or you have bare spots, lightly rake and sprinkle in some grass seed. The best time to seed is during early spring or early autumn. 

Weeds - Autumn season weed control is easier and less expensive than fighting weeds after they pop up. Apply broadleaf weed control in the autumn for a dandelion-free spring. Weeds need sun, heat, and bare or weakened turf to sprout. A healthy tall lawn is the best defense against weeds. 

Fertilize - Fertilizing your lawn provides necessary nutrients and minerals. In the autumn, apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn to help it through the dormant months. Don't forget the trees and shrubs! 

Trees and Shrubs - According to the CSU Extension, “Most deciduous trees and shrubs can be planted in the fall when they are moved with a good ball and burlap or container-grown root system. Fall planting avoids transplant shock from summer heat. Plant before mid-October, however, to allow roots time to re-establish before cold weather.” Learn more at

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