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Spring Forward: Tips for Preparing Home and Garden

Friday, March 22, 2019
Spring Forward: Tips for Preparing Home and Garden

Considering the succession of winter storms we have had this year, it is an understatement to say we’re ready for spring. Luckily, it’s just around the corner! While we may receive a few more snowflakes here and there, there is already a flurry of plant-driven action taking place around us. Some flowers are starting to poke out of the soil, and many more are just about to follow. As the days get longer - and sunnier! - consider these tips to prepare your home and garden for spring. A little preparation now will results in lots of enjoyment later.

Tips for the Home

Check roof and gutters. Now is the time to Inspect roof shingles for any damage caused by winter weather, and to consult roofing experts about replacing them. This is especially important if the roof includes solar panels or sunlights. Likewise, make sure that all gutters are free of debris and are clear for water and melting snow to easily flow through.

Inspect the exterior. Take a leisurely walk around the house and observe its condition, paying particular attention to exterior features. Look for cracks in concrete or lawn details and fix these before the changing weather creates more damage. Also inspect fences, windows, the pool (or play) area, sprinkler heads and outdoor faucets. Now is the time to fix any damage or issues with these lawn components.

Clear the air. Inside the home, there is no better tip than to spring clean (as the saying goes). Take advantage of nice days and clear the air inside the house by opening the windows to let in fresh air. Also remember to install new air filters, clean out the dryer vent, and service the air conditioner before next season.

Tips for the Garden

Clean. After the winter we have had, there is sure to be a lot of debris around the lawn and garden. Cleaning up sticks, weeds, and other lawn detritus will clear the way for bulbs and other plants to emerge from the ground. While you’re at it, remember to clear back the soil around landscaping borders, and cut back any winter growth (and, of course, any unhealthy areas) of plants in order to encourage root development for spring and new summer growth.

Prepare the soil. Turn it over, clean out weeds, thoroughly rake through it, and add a layer of fresh soil (or compost) to get your garden ready for the next season of growing. Make sure to let this newly-infused soil mix in and rest for at least two weeks before planting. If you compost, this is a great time to maintain your composting area, or to create one. Consider a space for a bin, and while you’re at it, double check fences and borders around the garden for any damage from winter storms.

Plan. Want to add new vegetables? Want to change up the flower bed design? Have you been thinking of adding new and different bulbs to the mix? Now is the time to solidify your lawn and garden plan, and to go ahead and order bulbs and seeds that will flower in summer. Visit your local nursery and consult an expert if you have questions. They have lots of experience and great recommendations. As with so many other areas of life, a good garden starts with a good plan!

These steps will ensure that your home and garden will be as ready for spring as you are. Here’s to warmer weather!

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