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Tips for Decorating Your New Home

Friday, May 26, 2017
Tips for Decorating Your New Home


Moving to a new home? Congratulations! Here are some ways to make it feel “homey” – and yours – right away.

  • Repurpose cherished items. Your new house is a blank canvas, a perfect opportunity to showcase your things in a brand new way. Consider moving objects from one room to another in order to display them differently. A child’s drawing could be reframed and moved from their room to the den. Pottery from the home office could be used as a succulent planter for the dining room table.

  • Group objects in odd numbers. A tip for decorating table tops, shelves, and counters is to use an asymmetrical design. Many beautiful things in nature and the world around us occur in odd numbers and imperfect patterns, such as groups of flowers and mountain peaks. Consider placing items together in groups of 3 or 5 objects. Combine different sizes, shapes, and styles of items for a new look.

  • Add “pops” of color. A little color goes a long way. Consider adding a colorful accent wall to liven up a room or space. Or consider using a more neutral paint tone on the walls and adding pops of color to the room via bright rugs, accent pillows, picture frames, and other artistic decorations.

  • Change it up. If you are tired of the same old decorations, use your move as an opportunity to do something new and different! Give yourself permission to change it up.

  • Learn how you live in the space. It can be hard to know where to start when decorating a new house. The temptation might be to start right away, but consider living in the space for a few days first. How does your family move around? Where does everyone settle in? Waiting a few days will help you decide where to put furniture, area rugs, and decorations.

  • Plant yourself in your new home. Use plants—inside and out, real and artificial. Plants add life and color to your home in a natural way. They are also perfect for filling in corners, decorating table tops, and livening up walls and open spaces.

We hope these tried and true tips help you decide where to start when decorating a new house. If you want to take a break, there are plenty of  activities for you and for the kids in Castle Rock!