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Too Many Treats? Ideas for How to Leverage Leftover Halloween Candy.

Friday, October 26, 2018
Too Many Treats? Ideas for How to Leverage Leftover Halloween Candy.

Happy Halloween! Want to avoid the oncoming sugar rush? In case your little goblins are a bit too successful in their trick-or-treating endeavors, we have some ideas on how to leverage that candy for good. After you subtract your finder’s fee, of course.

Switch Witch: The kids can pick a designated spot in the house and leave a pile of candy for the Switch Witch. She comes in the night and leaves a toy—or other desired trinket—in its place.

Hide it in the freezer: Once you’ve managed to wrangle the candy away from tiny ghost hands, put it aside in the freezer and to save for later in the year. This gives you a ready supply for office events, class parties, and all the other candy-oriented days that sneak up on us.

Holiday fun: Save the gumballs, candy corn, lemon drops and other colorful bits to use for decorating gingerbread houses in December. Small, colorful candies make great additions to ornaments, kids’ wreaths, science experiments, and other crafts as well.

Barter and leverage: Parents can “buy” the candy back from kids in exchange for other things like extra play time, extra screen time, a sleepover, a get-out-of-chores day, etc.

Sell it to your dentist: Dentists will also “buy” back these treats in their efforts to promote dental health. Check with your dentist to see if they will trade a toothbrush or floss pack for some of your kid’s candy.

Give back to others: A fun and timely project to do as a family is to send candy overseas to soldiers. Many organizations send candy as part of care packages. Additionally, you can look into food donation centers, shelters for the homeless, and other offices that need treats on hand in order to help those in need.

We hope these tips help you manage the candy onslaught and have a great time while doing it. Family fun is as sweet as candy!

Terrain Castle Rock is a beautiful community with plenty of room to play. Our neighborhoods are designed to make the most of indoor and outdoor living for the whole family.